14th Feb 2021

Welcome to Sweet Series

Welcome to another week of wonderful content from Sweet Series! Another week of quality education from our Education Ambassadors to keep you inspired, motivated and engaged. We want to share with you our top, tips and tricks so you are fully equipped with all you need to know when salons and beauty services can re-open.

Highlights you need to watch out for:

  • Lee Belcher will be kicking off the week, talking about the new, nude shades from COLOR.ME. Exploring how to add minky, velvety tones to any blonde using 8.28 LIGHT.BLONDE.BEIGE.VIOLET and 9.28 VERY.LIGHT.BLONDE.BEIGE.VIOLET.
  • Victoria will be unveiling four, NEW JimmyGel shades that you need for your Light Elegance collection
  • On Thursday, Liza Smith will be bringing you the final instalment of her Business Boost sessions. But it doesn’t stop there! Liza will be taking over our Instagram Stories, answering all of your business-based questions. Don't forget to download Liza's "Surviving to Thriving" guide to help you plan your next steps for your business.
  • Fee Wallace will be back, LIVE on Facebook, sharing all of her nail art foil secrets, showing how you can achieve perfect results, every time.

Sweet Series week 5 schedule

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