15th Feb 2021

Awarded ‘Best New Product of 2020’ for its versatility, JimmyGel™ Soak-off Building Base Gel is now available in four new shades designed to complement a wide range of manicure services. 

Simply let the gorgeous new JimmyGel™ shades shine on their own, use with hard gel colours, or apply gel polishes on top. Lezlie and Lexy share the ALL-NEW product that was formulated just for YOU!⁣ Discover each new shade and learn all about the four NEW additions to the JimmyGel Family.

 Boomer White – A soft, milky white perfect for baby boomers.
NEW Natural – A perfect natural buff shade.
NEW Ideal Pink – A beautiful semi-transparent cover pink shade.
NEW Soft Pink – A light, delicate semi-transparent pink shade.
ORIGINAL Clear – Crystal clear for window-pane nail art and encapsulation.


The JimmyGel™formulation, brush and colours have been carefully chosen to make gorgeous Baby Boomers easy to create using Ideal PinkSoft Pink and Boomer White JimmyGel™.

Pro tip - 
Use a combination of Ideal Pink and Soft Pink to make fading into the Boomer White even easier and more seamless! 

light Elegance JimmyGel

...This means that you get the long-lasting wear, durability, and ability to create whatever nail shape you dream up." - Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance Owner.

JimmyGel™ is a soak-off building gel in a bottle that can perform services ranging from fast natural nail manicures to extensions with ease. Formulated to soak-off for complete product removal, but it is unique in the fact that it can be used under either soak-off gel polish or hard gel products. Now clients that love the original JimmyGel™ formula can truly have it all with four new shades to choose from for any service and any skin tone! The four new shades are the latest result of Light Elegance’s commitment to empowering nail professionals with top-quality products for every service and any skin tone. 


All-new JimmyGel™ Building Base is making salon services easier everywhere, and see how to use JimmyGel™ for a fast, beautiful natural nail manicure in this video! 

JimmyGel™ makes adding length, strength and flexibility to your enhancements easy thanks to the advanced formulation and brush-bottle design! Now, you can add thin, opaque and lush colour to your JimmyGel™ using all-new P+ Gel Polish & Glitter Gel Polish! 

JimmyGel range

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  • JimmyGel™’s brush-bottle design saves time on every extension service.
  • JimmyGel™has the ideal balance of strength and flexibility meaning it doesn’t wear along the free edge like so many gels.
  • JimmyGel™ holds its shape on a form beautifully for less filing to get the shape you want.
  • JimmyGel™ is formulated to file quickly with little effort for easy shaping of extensions.
  • From thin to thick, short to long, JimmyGel™ can perform the service your client requires quickly and easily.
  • JimmyGel™’s new colours offer the perfect shade for every service and any skin tone! 

™ FAQ? 

Is the brush different for the JimmyGel Colours than the original Crystal Clear JimmyGel

Yes! JimmyGel Colours include premium rounded, high bristle-count brushes for better fading for baby boomers in all four of the new shades. Crystal Clear JimmyGel has its original flat brush for fast, easy application and enhanced control when adding structure.

How do the JimmyGelColours perform compared to Crystal Clear JimmyGel

Exactly the same! You can add the same flexible strength and long wear using either JimmyGel Colours or Clear JimmyGel.

Can I combine JimmyGel™ Colours to help find the perfect pink for my client’s skin tone? 

Yes! And it’s easy! Are you looking for a bit more pink than Soft Pink JimmyGel but not as much as Ideal Pink JimmyGel? Simply apply a coat of Ideal Pink, cure, and finish with a coat of Soft Pink JimmyGel for a balanced look.

Can I control the coverage of JimmyGelColours? 

Yes! And it’s easy! JimmyGel colours are semi-transparent, but they become more opaque as you add thickness, or coats. If you are looking for more bold, opaque looks, be sure to apply more coats until the desired look is achieved. Controlling your application thickness means looks from extremely natural to bright and bold are possible!

Is it HEMA free?
Like all Light Elegance gels, JimmyGel is 100% HEMA free!

What is the soak off time?
20-25 minutes when soaking thin layer of JimmyGel after removing any hard gel(s) on top and extra thickness.

What is the cure time for JimmyGel

We recommend 1 minute LED or 2 minutes UV, but you may find that it cures faster with thin applications. When applying for fast one-step manicures, cure for 2 minutes using the “120s” hard gel button in the LEDdot for high shine! How many applications of JimmyGel per bottle? 17-51 depending on length of nail and thickness of application.

Can JimmyGel™ be soaked off? 

It can! If you apply hard gels over it, you must, of course, file through the hard gel to allow the acetone to come in contact with the JimmyGel. Like any soak-off gel, the thicker the application, the longer the soak time, so removing as much of the JimmyGel as possible before soaking will reduce the soak time for complete removal. You can also do fast fills with JimmyGel and don't need to soak off completely every time for repeat clients!

What is the best way to soak JimmyGel™ off? 

For fastest removal, we recommend removing all products on top of the JimmyGel with a hand or eFile, filing the JimmyGel down to remove 90% of the JimmyGel, then soaking the JimmyGel in acetone for complete removal if desired by the client. We always recommend performing fills on top of the existing, reshaped JimmyGel and exposing the natural nail to acetone only if complete removal is desired by the client for prolonged nail health.

Can JimmyGel™ be used just as a base coat? Or does it have to be slightly built up to last? 

JimmyGel is flexible and lasts really well in just a thin coat over the natural nail. Adding structure is of course recommended for extensions.

What is the protocol of using JimmyGel™ with hard gel? 

JimmyGel acts as a soak-off suspension system under any Light Elegance hard gel colour or Lexy Line gel, which makes it perfect for soak-off clients that want to know the product can be completely removed using acetone. For removal, the hard gel must be filed completely off to allow the acetone to come in contact with the JimmyGel using a hand or eFile. We recommend also removing as much of the JimmyGel as possible with a file to reduce the soak-off time.

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