Posted by Kirsti Turrell on 27th Jan 2022

wax:one Educator, Kirsti Turrell

wax:one Educator, Kirsti Turrell discusses the importance of helping clients feel at ease

The relationship between waxing professional and your client requires trust. We need to remove any barriers and understand how our client feels towards their hair and the removal of it - in this case, one size certainly doesn’t fit all.

A waxing appointment is very different to other treatments. It's not like having nails, lashes or facial treatments. Many potential clients can feel awkward, self-conscious or embarrassed about how and where they have hair on their face or body and this isn't just specific to intimate waxing; They may never have discussed it with anyone before and they most likely have tried other, unsuccessful methods of hair removal.

For our wax:one clients, comfort isn't just physical.

At wax:one we teach and use a specific technique that is built around physical client comfort. 

  • We firstly ensure that the skin is protected, both pre and post wax treatment
  • Our waxes are designed to be applied thinly to avoid pressure or tugging and pulling on the skin 
  • The product is used at a low temperature for added comfort

We know the importance of client consultation cards from an insurance point of view, but do we spend time in consultation with new clients to determine these concerns, their needs and preferences?

wax:one Client Record Cards

wax:one Client Record Cards. Shop here

wax:one Appointment/Aftercare Cards

wax:one Appointment/Aftercare Cards. Shop here

Spending this time with the client allows them to feel comfortable and to show that you understand. 

Allow them time to discuss something that can be very personal to them, rather than just picking an option from your waxing treatment menu – which they may not even clearly know the meaning of. 

This helps to stop generalising treatments and explains to the client that hair growth, length and the amount, is completely individual.

I recommend offering a 10/15 minute wax consultation with every new client, discussing what they want and need. This allows you to explain what wax you will use, how many appointments they can expect to get long term results and if they need to grow their hair. 

It also allows you time to fill in their client record card, discuss pre-waxing recommendations and to time their appointments correctly. 

A client who thinks they have ‘the hairiest back in the world’ may actually end up have two/three patches which you know you don’t need a full ‘back’ appointment for!

Taking this time to build trust and take down barriers will attract new clients. It's an excellent way to build your waxing business.

Remember wax:one was specifically designed for ALL skin/hair types.

These clients will appreciate this part of the service as much as the wax treatment itself. In turn, they'll tell other people and recommend YOU, allowing you to build a super loyal clientele.

Find out more about wax:one here.

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